This year we have teamed up with ADRA ARUBA to organize a National Youth  Congress that will inspire, equip and motivate every young person to have a better future which in turn will create a better society.

This Congress which will take place on 15th – 21stof July 2018 and has as theme:

It’s Time for a Change!”  We will be having professional guest speakers such as:

Dr. Cherrel Francisca, Micheal Quant, Arthur Angila, Emerick Angela, Pr. Vandeon Griffin among others.

They’ll be presenting topics such as: Peer Pressure, Teenager Pregnancy, Pornography, Homosexuality, Overcoming Addiction, the influences of music and many more.

With these topics we aim to help our teenagers to get a better understanding of themselves and to show them how it is possible to enjoy their life in a wholesome and happy way without the need to engage in practices that are detrimental to them.

There will also be many other activities such as community outreach, concert, island tours for our guests.

We hope you can also be part of this event.

For more information be sure to follow our “National Youth Congress” facebook Page

Ken ta en3amigos?

E meta di e grupo aki a forma di un grupo di hobennan cu a ripara e necesidat  pa juda nos hobennan pa desaroya nan bida spiritual y social atraves di actividatnan y seminarionan.

Pa asina nan por usa e recurso nan aki pa krea amistatnan sano y comparti e mensahe di bon nobo na kada persona cu nan bin den contacto ku ne.