Ticketnan Disponibel

Ticketnan ta Disponibel pa cumpra.

Pa asisti na e congreso aki, ta necesario pa obtene un ticket di entrada. E prijs pa ticket ta fl25,-

Unda mi por cumpra ticket?

E ticketnan por wordu cumpra na dos (3) localidat:

  1. Oficina di Mision Adventista Aruba (Pos Chiquito 47a)
    • Dialuna-Diaweps di 9am-4pm
    • Diabierne di 9am-12pm
  2. Oficina di IADPA (Weststraat #39)
    • Diamars – Diaweps
      • 9am-12pm
      • 2pm-5pm
  3. CITGO BLVD | Citgo Gas Station (Oranjestad)
  4. CHECKPOINT COLOR N.V. | (Oranjestad)
  5. ARUBA VISION CENTER | (Oranjestad)
  6. CITGO Essoville| Citgo Gas Station (San Nicolas)

Mas informacion

Kiko lo bo haña na entrada?

E prome dia di e congreso, cual lo ta dia 15 di Juli 2018, bo lo mester presenta na Centro Libertador Betico Croes cu bo ticket. Importante ta pa bo zorg pa e ticket ta intakto       ( tin tur 2 pida).  Na porta e pida chikito lo wordu ranca y bo lo haña e pida grandi bek hunto cu bo t-shirt y algun materialnan. E pida grandi bo mester trese tur dia y e lo wordu di punch y na final di e congreso, bo lo por haña algun premio teniendo tur e dianan di punch.



I Registered Already, what now?

For those who are traveling to Aruba for the Youth Congress

1. Valid Passport
2. Valid Travel Visa (If you don’t have an American Passport)
3. Travel Insurance
4. Purchase ticket in advance. (Airport code AUA)
5. Proof of minimum $500 to cover expenses during your stay and for immigration purposes

(This applies to those who are traveling to Aruba)
1. Transportation
2. Lodging Expenses
3. Event Materials
4. Some Basic Meals

For the local Participants the registration fee is different.

As we get a little bit closer to our congress date July 13th-July 22nd, we will be sending you more details about all the activities that we will be having during your stay in Aruba. For now here are some Highlights:
Main Event: Congress will be held every day from 5pm-9pm in the evening.
Island Tours: for now there are 2 days available to participate. More information available soon on our website.
Community Outreach
Mega Concert & much more!
In the meantime, we’d love it if you spread the word with your friends about this Congress, so that the may also have enough time to prepare if they’d like to join you.
For more information about this Congress follow us on our
Facebook Page, Instagram